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"Kara Baxter is a wonderful tutor and mentor to my twin daughters aged 10. They enjoy working with her in the lesson that she has developed for them. They both are on different levels and she adjust their tutoring sessions accordingly to their needs. We enjoy working with Kara."

~ Josie S. and Family


"Kara is the most patient tutor and teacher. She can read children’s personality and understand next steps to take with the child. My daughter loves her personality and and kindness. We are lucky to have Kara for our daughter."

~ Chrissy L. and Family


My son has been working with Kara for almost a year and loves her!  She has helped him gain confidence and increase his comprehension skills.  Would highly recommend her!

~ Leah S and family 


“We started seeing Kara after our daughter was having difficulty with reading. Kara does an amazing job with combining engagement, patience, and know how for our daughter each and every session. We’ve seen marked improvements in her grades in the past year!”

~ John and Family

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