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Tutoring Services

Welcome! I’m Kara Baxter and I have been teaching for the past seven years. I have taught in multiple districts in the Chester County, PA region. I provide services for children Pk- 8th grade. My Dual Degree is in Elementary and Special Education. 

My tutoring mission statement is to help students become lifelong learners in an ever changing world.

 I enjoy working with students and helping them build their confidence to succeed in school. In my tutoring sessions, I promote interactive learning through hands-on activities and thought provoking conversations. I foster an environment where students feel safe, trusted and eager to learn. I encourage my students to try their best and to not fear making mistakes. For it is through our mistakes that we truly learn. 

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Skill Building

In this program, students have  1:1 tutoring sessions. Clients want to improve and or review previously taught curriculum. Students are ready to receive extra practice in any/all subjects. The students and families are ready to commit to weekly meetings that are pre planned and set up by the tutor.

  • One or Two Sessions per week 

  • Individualized Curriculum 

  • Personalized Assignments after each Session to Reinforce Learning

Homework Help

In this program, the tutor works directly 1:1 with their client. This package is created for students who are desiring more support in addition to what they are learning in school. Teachers/family members suggest student needs accountability in homework assignments and practice with comprehension of material taught at school.  Family is expected to bring school work to these sessions.

  • One or Two Sessions per week 

  • Learn How to Approach Difficult Assignments

  • Test Prep

  • Organization Skill Review and Assistance

  • Option for Communication between Tutor and Teacher

Teacher Helping Student
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