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More About Kara Baxter



My name is Kara and I am so excited to connect. I love to spend time with family and friends, listen to music, spend time on the water, and enjoy a good cup of coffee (and maybe a bowl of ice cream)! 

I have to admit, up until a few years ago I was a total people pleaser. I desired everything in life to be perfect. I wanted my neighbors to like me, my clients to think I was top-notch and my professors to think my work was next level. Honestly, I was constantly comparing myself to others on all ends.


Was I a harder worker than my colleague? Was I a faster runner than the girl on the treadmill next to me at the gym? Was I a better teacher than my mentor? Was I skinnier than the girl next door? Was I a better wife than the other women at church? 


The challenging part was that I never shared this with anyone. I kept it all locked up in my brain. I quickly began to feel I was serving from an empty tank. I had no energy, desire, or motivation to do anything. Until one day, I finally had the determination to say “That’s enough Kara!” I was ready to embark on a life-changing adventure. 

While on this exploration, I worked to help myself dive deep into establishing the reasoning and purpose of my inner thoughts. With guidance, I was able to enter a state of mind where I could begin to live more carefree but extremely purposeful. I could say “no” to others and feel confident. I could escape those “perfectionist” feelings and thoughts and feel satisfied.


I learned to channel what was best for myself, my self-love and self-worth. It took courage, dedication, openness, and energy, but with each step, I began to live a lifestyle of balance, energy, accountability, and purpose.

With both my license and certification in Life Coaching, I am able to help guide women into finding balance in their life so that they can live the ultimate life they deserve.

Today, I declare it is time for you to dig deep into what you want more of in life. It’s time to find your inner self and to feel committed to providing yourself the life you deserve…. what a better time than now!



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